Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is intended to assist you with possible questions about the services provided by our town. If you can't find the answer you need, please contact us using the provided contact information.

Do You Need Utilities or Services?

The Town of Richlands offers many Services and Utilities. If you need to request a Water Tap, you may obtain the form at Richlands Town Hall.
A Sewer Tap Request may be obtained at Richlands Town Hall. Want to know what other Services are offered by our town?
Follow this LINK to find out what we can offer and how to request them.

Do You Need a License or Permit?

Need a Building Permit? Visit this LINK to find out what you need to do. Other Permit or License information may found HERE.

Looking For a Job?

The town of Richlands will post all open positions HERE. Applications may be downloaded from this web site or requested from the Town Hall.

Need to Contact our Police Department?

The Richlands Police Department hosts its very own web site HERE. You may call the Police Department at 276-964-9134. For Emergency Calls please use 911.

Need to Contact our Town Manager?

All calls to the Town Manager should be directed to 276-964-2566.

Need to Contact one of our Departments?

The Town of Richlands manages many diverse and well staffed departments. Contact information for each may be found CLICK HERE.

Need to Pay Your Bills or Taxes?

Currently all utility bills and taxes can be paid at the Town Hall or securely online CLICK HERE.
If you have questions about your bill or taxes please direct them to 276-964-2566 or CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON PAYMENT OPTIONS.

Reporting Code Violations?

All Code Violations should be reported to the Richlands Police Department at 276-964-9134.

Reporting Criminal Activities

Anyone witnessing Criminal Activities or possessing knowledge of the same should immediately report them to the Police Department at 276-964-9134.
Any accident should also be reported.

Reporting Issues with the Power or Utilities Grids

Any non-life threatening issues with the water, sewer or power systems should be reported to the Town Hall at 276-964-2566.
Emergency or life threatening issues need to be reported to the Police Department at 911.

Changing Your Address?

In order to ensure that you receive accurate/appropiate services all address changes need to be reported to the Town hall 276-964-2566.

Need a Reservation for one of our many Parks?

Visit our Parks and Recreation Page to find the right setting for your event. Reservations may be made with the curator of individual parks.

Do You Need a Police Report?

All Police Reports must be requested from our Department of Police. 276-964-9134.

Have a Tip for Our Law Enforcement?

Residents should not hesitate to report a possible crime or knowledge of one. All information should be forwarded to our Police Department at 276-964-9134.

Fire Incidents?

If you witness a burning structure or uncontrolled fire please report them to our Department of Police or dial 911.

Not Sure Where Buried Lines Are On Your Property?

If you are going to dig in town always call 811. They will come and mark the buried lines at your dig site. Click Here for Miss Utility